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Monday, October 27, 2014

Embracing the Devil - Not What You Might Think

An intimidating and challenging card, but one of the most powerful and liberating is the Devil.  In the Tarot, he represents all matters of imprisonment - fear, addictions, bad habits, toxic relationships, inability to form strong boundaries, co-dependency, abuse, neglect, subconscious negative programming - you name it.

He also brings opportunity to recognize, accept and grow through all these prisons of the mind and soul, that you might experience true spiritual liberation and freedom.  Embrace the shadow - your darkness, your shadow self, is actually your ally and will give you great opportunities to grow and overcome obstacles.  Avoiding darkness is a habit that impedes growth, accepting that darkness is a necessary reality allows your fears to give way and your light to shine through.

devil tarot card infographic

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Emperor Tarot Card Teaches Discipline vs Punishment

Today's lesson is an important one and I love the Emperor card so much for this lesson.  There is a difference in life between self-discipline and punishment.  Those who reach goals consistently are keenly aware of this difference. 

Discipline requires effort, but it is an effort that is not burdened by self-defeat, negative self-talk, procrastination due to fear of failure etc.  Discipline doesn't demoralize or talk down - it looks up.  It provides incentive. 

Self-defeat is why many people stop striving to reach their goals.  They give up and throw in the towel.  Think about it.  Weight loss is a good example.  Someone who focuses on increasing their health, improving their physical energy etc. is more likely to be successful than someone who obsesses over their appearance and compares themselves to others or unrealistic expectations. 

In career areas, if you love what you do that passion for it compels you to push higher, see what you can do etc.  If you are stuck doing something you don't like it becomes a burden.  You feel guilty for not getting ahead, but the passion for the cause isn't there....

So much to learn with the Emperor.  I hope you enjoy today's infographic and will share it :)


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Emperor Tarot Card Infographic to share
The Emperor Tarot Card Infographic

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Star Tarot Card Meaning with Infographic

The Star card - nothing evokes quite so much optimism in me as this card does.  I love that it serves as a reminder of the larger purpose of seemingly mundane things.  It reminds us of our higher purpose and that we are not powerless in this Universe even though we tend to view ourselves as small and insignificant. 

Understanding the Meaning of the Star Tarot card
Understanding the Star Tarot card

Understanding the Death Card for Personal Growth

Hello friends, it's been awhile.  As those who follow my site know, I've taken a bit of a hiatus in the past few years to pursue other paths.  Although I love Tarot, there were things in my life that I had to see too first - mainly paying the bills in a struggling economy and finding diverse sets of income. 

Anyway, I have missed Tarot quite a bit and I am devoting more time and energy now to updating my site and also my approach. 

I've never believed in "fortune telling" - that takes power away from the individual and places it in the hands of some unknown force called "fate".  As a powerful being, you have the ability to mold and shape your own destiny.  This is, of course, hard work and it can be hard to feel powerful in a world where it seems so many things are out of one's control. 

Tarot has always been to me a way to look deep into the psyche and to better understand myself.  It is through knowing ourselves, our programming, our hidden motivations and fears etc. that we become empowered to shape our lives. 

SO, as a way to push the personal growth angle of Tarot - and as a way to use my other favorite pass time (Photoshop).  I am doing a series of infographics featuring the cards - the lessons they teach, the positive things to gain from them and the challenges they pose. 

I hope you will enjoy them and come here to view them regularly.  I will go through the cards at random until all are completed.  I plan to start with the Major Arcana first and progress from there.  If you like the graphics, pin them on Pinterest, but please do not alter them or take credit for them or post them to your own site without a link back to me etc. 

death card Tarot interpretation and lessons
Understanding the Death Card Tarot