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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Revamp and Redo


I've been on a bit of a hiatus the past couple of years working a lot and getting to a point where I can devote myself full time again to my Tarot site.  I am in the process now of creating a Tarot app, finishing up my book and revamping the site once again to make it more compatible with modern devices. 

This all of course takes a lot of time :) but keep an eye out for the daily tarot posts to return and the new features to be implemented later this summer.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Five of Coins

Today's Card Five of Coins 

Today's card says to make good use of teamwork today. Don't try to go major projects alone.

Not a great time for investments on a material level. This card also asks you to take inventory of all of your investments: relationships, monetary, time all of your various 'investments" and really analyze them. Things often appear wonderful on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper you may find that your time, money, and heart may be better invested elsewhere.

Today, the great spirit of cooperation abounds, and better choices will be made by being willing to work within the structure of a group format. Progress may be stalled or even stopped by failure to work out mutual agreements.

Today is a day to be watchful, discerning, and mindful of all matters that apply to any personal investment.

This card also depicts feelings of isolation or alienation that sometimes come up. Look for others of like mind or similar situations that can help you or on the other side, be on the look out for opportunities to lend a hand to others who may need you to help them get back on their feet.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Two of Pentacles Finding and Maintaing Balance Through Choice

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Today's card is a two and one of the main themes of any "two" card is choice and
balance. Have you ever been facing a difficult choice where you had to consider
seemingly opposing choices?

Or have you ever had to carefully weigh all of your options to ensure that you
are making a balanced decision. Our choices rarely effect only ourselves so
weighing your choices as the fellow in this card is doing makes perfect sense.

Two's in and of themselves in Tarot speak of such decisions where you have to
weigh what is best for your overall well-being long term - and sometimes those
choices are tough and not so simple as they would seem on the surface. Sometimes
they require compromise and/or a willingness to accept some risk and take a

Choice and change however are always what lead to new experience and growth!

This card like all two's speak of decisions to be made/choice and also
of balance.

 Today's Card: Two of Coins

This particular card speaks of balancing one's personal/spiritual
needs with the needs of the material realm. It often comes up around
those contemplating career changes or concerns and says to take a
balanced approach in this area as well. Sometimes we focus our goals
solely on financial gain etc. and as a result we end up in careers
that don't challenge or inspire us enough personally. The opposite
applies, sometimes we have to do what is "practical" in order to meet
our physical needs, however there is still a need to balance those
duties/obligations with time spent on yourself.

In regards to choices, this two tells you to make a well balanced
decision. In this card the man is weighing the two coins, balancing
them back and forth in his hands. They are surrounded by the infinity
loop. This card reminds us that often our choices have long-term and
even lifetime rewards/consequences and to carefully consider and make
balanced decisions.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Today's Card: Psychic, deeply emotional, sometimes lack of objectivity... can you guess?

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Today's Card: The Moon

This card symbolizes deceptions, depression, and all that is
associated with them. The scorpion rises up out of the water
(emotions) and is poised to strike. Often our emotions and feelings of being overwhelmed can sting like this scorpions bite, without much warning. It is in these moments we are called to remember the power we have to chose how we act/react.

Our power lies in our ability to carefully choose our actions, what
we will believe etc. There is a saying that says "To worry is to
pray for what you don't want". When we focus on hardship we bring more of the same to our lives through the law of attraction. Learn to take charge of your reactions and don't be overcome by
circumstances. This too shall pass.

The moon speaks also of intuition - that ability to sense/feel what is going on
- but in a way that is not clouded by fear and judgments. Learn to listen for this still, small place in moments where it feels emotions may overwhelm you.

Be a good friend today to someone in need (perhaps even yourself) who
needs an objective person to listen and empathize. Use your emotional/intuitive side to benefit others. If you feel someone is in need of something you can provide aid that person. If you are in need of some down time to clear your head, take some time for yourself to do just that.

Take anyone's overreactions or overemotional displays today with a grain of salt. We all have those days where our emotions get the better of our sound judgment. Be careful you aren't the one overreacting too ;).

Friday, July 19, 2013

Today's Card - Unexpected Events? Or Refusal to Move?

Today's card speaks of being in limbo or stuck. In this card the man is left hanging upside down and he doesn't seem to be doing a lot to work to free himself.

This card comes up often when we are not challenging ourselves enough or when we are "settling" for what is less than ideal due to fears of change or moving into the new and unknown.

If you feel stagnant - it's the universe's way of telling you sit down and figure out what you truly want and then take some inspired actions to move yourself in that direction.

Remaining in comfort zones is ultimately more harmful than taking some risks and taking a chance.

Today's Card is the Hanged Man:

The hanged man talks about the unexpected events which throw us off balance. When the Hanged Man comes up for daily guidance he expresses the need to let go of struggle and find acceptance with the
conditions in our life. When we let go of struggling trying to sort things out or force resolutions peace comes. In the midst of struggling against the uncontrollable we become unable to right our positions.

The advice he gives us for the day is to stand back from the situation, take a deep breath and just go with the flow. Come to terms with what has been , and release old worries and stress so that you can turn upright with a new outlook.

Although we can't always change our outer circumstances, we can make things better simply by letting go and enjoying the ebbs and flows of life. Stand still take a breather, things will work out.

Another message to this card can be if you have been at a standstill for too long, look and see what actions you can take to correct/better your position. Perhaps your current path isn't serving you and a new direction can release you from feeling bound.

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