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Monday, March 30, 2015

Spiritual Lessons I've Learned with Revisions

So, I've been in the process of doing site updates that make the HTML more responsive and able to be viewed across multiple devices.  I had to do this or risk getting penalized in the Google search results - so, it's been an adventure updating hundreds of pages that are several years old. 

It's also been a good lesson in just how much I've grown my writing and communication skills in the past several years.  Some things are truly cringe worthy that I've been reworking lol. 

This reminds me of a few very important spiritual lessons many of us have to learn on our path. 

Often, we don't allow ourselves to pursue our dreams because we fear we won't be "good enough" or "the best" etc.  Have you ever done that?  Thrown your hands up and said "the hell with it; I just can't do that" despite really wanting to try something?

If so, you aren't alone.  Over the years, my writing has been a HUGE exercise in overcoming self-doubt and moving forward despite my fears.  It taught me to accept that risks are part of growth; in fact the only way we do grow.

I will never be "perfect" at what I do, because such a thing does not exist.  That is a barrier we create in our minds.  I am always growing and I had to recognize that what I wanted to share had value.  Others have found inspiration in it over the years.  Had I waited to be "the best writer" or the best marketer, or whatever I would never have taken the plunge and did what I wanted to do.

If you have a gift to share with the world; don't allow your insecurities or perfectionism to stop you from putting yourself out there.  People will appreciate your gifts and will enjoy watching you grow as a person.  There is always a part of us that cheers when others find success; that's the result of a deep spiritual connection we all share. 

Sadly, there is a bit of self-sabotage in every person. The inner critic that tells you what you want to do is not "realistic" or "good enough".  It worries that others will think you are silly, untalented, or whatever.  These are the dream killers in life and they are self-inflicted.

When we wait to be unafraid; we always wait. There is always a built in excuse to not do something unique or different.  Fearlessness is not a "lack of fear", but a determination that says "You know what? I'm going to do it anyway".  Over the years, I've learned to proudly declare "I do what I want". It has been scary and liberating, and made life pretty darn interesting.  I hope if you read this; you will do something scary today - put yourself out there and do what you want. :) 

In the meantime, I hope you will keep bearing with me and my growing pains :) and please keep enjoying the main website (I'll work on this blog next lol) I hope that the free readings and wisdom will continue to inspire and encourage you. 



Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tarot Numerology Number 3 in Tarot

So here's the latest infographic for those who are visual learners :)  I hope you will enjoy the graphics and also feel free to learn more about numerology as it applies to Tarot by visiting my Tarot Numerology Hub.

tarot numerology meaning of the number 3
Tarot Number Meanings - Number 3

Friday, November 14, 2014

How to do Effective Daily Tarot Reflections for Yourself and Card of the Day

Tarot can be a great tool to help anyone gain some focus and to start the day feeling connected and on purpose.  When you approach Tarot as a psychological tool for empowerment it can be a great motivator that will help you see the greater wisdom that lies beneath daily circumstances.

Even if you don't read Tarot full time or really read them at all, purchase a deck that speaks to you and use it simply for your morning reflection.  You can look at one card readings online and that's great too - but there is something extra special about connecting with your own deck of cards.

Shuffle your cards, clear your mind and focus on a mantra or statement - something like "Share with me the lesson that will help me make the most of this day" or "What do I need to be most aware of today?" Whatever question or mantra you come up with is right for you.  The key here is to focus on the now - today, and to open your mind and heart to higher guidance.

Once you've focused on your questions and shuffled your cards, allow yourself to be drawn to one and flip it over.  Look at the image - what is your first initial impression how does it make you feel?  This can often be very telling in itself.  For example when I see a Tower - my initial response is usually to wonder what is going to fall apart or what have I maybe not built on a solid foundation.  The lightning and collapsing building tend to suggest that I may have to deal with something unexpected and perhaps unwelcome at the time, but if I keep an open mind it will almost always never be as bad as I imagine it.

Once you pull your card and get a feel for it initially, look a little deeper.  What symbols are present? What colors? What are the characters or objects in the card doing? What does this tell you.  Tarot is very flexible in interpretation and anyone can assign their own meaning to their own cards and have them work for you.  Daily reflections aren't so much about "fortune telling" as they are about clarity of focus and living consciously.

Do you ever draw daily cards from an actual deck?  If not, would you consider it as part of a personal/spiritual growth ritual?

Have a great day - and just for fun the card I drew today is the Wheel of Fortune reversed.  The Wheel speaks of the constant and natural cycles of change.  Things are always moving and changing and no amount of resistance keeps that from happening.  Seeing it reversed I am inclined to ask myself - what changes or cycles of destiny am I perhaps avoiding or resisting?  Am I afraid of where I am headed and what should I do to remedy the situation?

All that to reflect on from one tiny card draw - :)

My answer of course is I have a lot on my plate at the moment.  I am trying to revamp the Tarot site/blog, develop my graphic arts blog and start my Etsy store to sell my art and products. I have a couple of client projects I'm also working on.  My websites took a "panda" hit from Google last month and I'm worried about their recovery.  My mother is recovering from a major surgery, I have a litter of kittens whose mother died that I have been hand raising and to top it all off my boiler just went out and I have to call a repairman lol - so, yeah, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment and would like to crawl back into my semi-warm bed and wait for it all to pass lol.  We all have those days :)

 This card reminds me that I have to be proactive and keep moving forward if I want to grow.  A few bumps in the road are natural occurrences in life - but you have to keep traveling. This card also reminds me to prioritize and not procrastinate or I could end up more behind and more frustrated.

It may also be telling me to avoid travel tomorrow since it's supposed to be our first snow of the season (yikes!) ;) 

So, that's my card and lesson for the day.  What is yours?  If you don't have a deck use one of the free reading features on my website :)


Thursday, November 13, 2014

What's in store for you in 2015?

This is a popular time of year for my Calendar readings as one year ends and a new one approaches it can be a great time to look at emerging patterns that can help show opportunities for growth and bumps in the road to look out for.

I'm going to share a sample reading below so that you can see what this spread entails.  If you'd like to purchase one for yourself they are only $13.95 for a full 13 card spread.  It's a great deal that I offer at the end of every year and hope you will consider trying one.  :)

Tarot Forecast 2015 Calendar Spread


Here is an excerpt from an anonymous clients reading.... 

This spread starts off with significator which is a card that represents a sort of overall vibe or energy to the year ahead. I then follow with a card for each month for 12 months. 

Your most prevalent energy in your cards is the suit of Wands – it shows up often and in clusters so this tells me that this year is going to be a lot about ideas, passions and the beginning stages of things. Wands represent that initial spark or idea – the fuel or fire behind a course of events. You also have 2 of the 4 queens in this spread. Kings/Queens speak of leadership, accountability and the need to take the lead or to be proactive.

Significator: Two of Swords Reversed: This card is actually a bit more positive in reverse.  Upright the woman is blindfolded and crossed by swords and she feels kind of trapped.  She can't see her way clear to make a choice.  Reversed this card means those swords and that blindfold are falling away and the woman now is seeing more of her options and perhaps feeling a bit more confidence.  When this card comes up (or two's in general) it speaks of a need to make a decision. 

This particular two says to take action – don't delay, but be sure your actions are coming from a place that is well thought out, and not merely a reaction to how you are feeling or what is going on around you. This card reversed means that you are able to see your choices with more clarity now than before, making your choices easier, but objectivity is still necessary. Second opinions may even help you see more options this year in matters of great importance. 

This card reversed can mean the answer to a difficult choice suddenly becomes clear to you allowing you to resolve a lasting or long-term challenge this year as well. This card can be challenging, it means seeing things as they really are – and sometimes that's hard at first, but it ultimately leads to growth and new directions that couldn't have happened otherwise.
 ****** Some of the months below ******

September: Hermit Reversed: This is a card whose challenges deal with knowing how to trust ourselves.  It also speaks of self-fulfillment and spending time on personal development.  In reverse, it may indicate a tendency to neglect ones own needs at times and you may feel compelled to take some “me time” away from the demands of the outer world so that you can get deeply rested and recuperate from stress.  Doing so will help you regain more energy, organize your thoughts and ideas and feel more ambitious/focused as you move forward.  A reversed hermit can indicate there will be a lot of demands for your time now so be sure to take time for yourself as well.

October: Four of Cups: In this card the man sits beneath the tree, looking out over his 3 spilled cups.  He is so upset and disillusioned by those three cups he fails to see the hand of the divine reaching out to him with an overflowing golden chalice.  This card reminds us that when our mind is full of all we “think” we want or need, we leave no room for improvement or better opportunities to enter. This is a card of “mixed happiness”, you’ll feel very rewarded in some areas, and not in others.  Your best results will come now from learning to drop expectations and allowing things to go as they will.  Doing so will open you up to new opportunities that may have otherwise gone unrecognized.  This card says take time to tap into your intuition/inner world during times of confusion. This could be a time of hidden surprises or revelations.

November: Eight of Swords: In this ominous looking card, the woman is blindfolded, her arms bound, and she is surrounded by swords most of the way around her.  It looks very perilous and she can’t see her way out of the situation.  She’s so caught up in all that is wrong or “could” go wrong she doesn’t realize that her legs are free, and she can walk forward away from the swords and free herself.  This card can indicate a tendency to get caught up in “what could go wrong” and this is a time where you will benefit more by focusing on the here and now and not talking yourself out of things.  This is also a card that speaks of a need to be objective before taking actions – so read the fine print, get a second opinion etc. on matters of importance now. This is a time where all facts may not be forthcoming, if you are signing contracts or making long-term plans; slow down and proceed with caution.

December: Ten of Cups: This is a card that is in stark contrast to the previous month. Something at this time gives you hope or restores your optimism. In this card there is a rainbow over the horizon; the universal sign of hope and promise of better things emerging. The children dance in this card and it serves as a reminder to celebrate life. Something at this time is going to encourage more optimism and change how you view your future security. This card also tends to put a heavy focus on family/home matters.

As you can see, this spread is great for pointing out possibilities, shifts in energies, and giving a strong forecast for the coming year.  Want to try one for yourself?  Here's the link to view and order - I accept Paypal and all major credit cards via Paypal.  Thanks!

Get a Calendar Spread Here

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Meaning of Tarot Numbers - Number 2

Two's are always interesting in Tarot as they tend to come up around choices and feeling pulled in different directions - should I or shouldn't I? This or that?  Two's also come up a lot around polarities and duality - when seemingly opposing objectives come into play and we have to unite those things.  Head vs Heart is a great example - your heart may say one thing, and your mind another and the two calls you to reconcile these differences in a beneficial way. 

Here is a quick infographic that displays all the characteristics of the number 2 in Numerology and Tarot.

metaphysical meaning of the number 2
Tarot Number Meanings | Tarot Numerology | Number 2