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Welcome to the blog for SpiritualGuidanceTarot.com, featuring an empowering, spiritual approach to the Tarot as well as many other resources for personal growth and development.

Be sure to stop by my website for Free DIY Tarot readings. I'll also post Tarot related lessons and other information on the blog as time allows.

Free Tarot Readings



Below is a list to the links to get free DIY Tarot readings available on my website as well as others.  Be sure to visit these when you need some inspiration on your path.  If you require more in-depth guidance or assistance - consider ordering a personal reading.  I do readings via email or live via messenger and my professional readings are all listed below with links for your conveniences. 

If you love my site and blog please consider purchasing a professional reading with me as your support allows me to continue to share all the great free Tarot resources.  I can't do it without you! Don't want a reading? Consider a "Cup of Coffee" donation to help me defray some of my expenses.  I appreciate you! You'll see the coffee cups here and there throughout my blogs and websites. :).

Now - go enjoy a free reading at one of these great places! 

The one that started it all! This free reading features five cards and it is designed to give deep insight into issues that are weighing on you.  You can also use it for simple inspiration or to ponder different life lessons being presented to you at this time.  It looks at your motivations, your hidden fears and obstacles, and a best course of action to reach a successful conclusions. 

Body, Mind, and Spirit Free Tarot Reading

This simple 3 card reading is designed to look at "whole being wellness".  Our body, mind, and spirit are separate yet connected and all affect each other, similar to the brain, heart and lungs.  Each is a separate entity, but when one suffers or dies they all suffer.  The same can be said for our health.  This spread is designed to help you better align yourself on all levels. 

What Surrounds Me?

This simple one card spread is a great way to start the day.  It answers the simple question "What surrounds me".  Use it to reflect on the energies around you presently, how to make the most of them, and how to see hidden opportunities or blessings. 

Totem Wisdom Free Totem Reading 

This website features animal wisdom and totems.  Learn to discover your power animals, shadow totems, and more.  The free reading feature lets you pick a totem animal for the day.  You'll be taken to the page of your totem when you click for your free reading.  Reflect on the wisdom of the animals lessons and allow them to help guide you on your path.  More totems are being added regularly.

Free Reading Directory 

There are a lot of fun places to do free readings - from Tarot, to Astrology, Runes, and more.  For that reason I created a custom directory with reviewed links to a lot of different free reading features.  I hope you will enjoy them all - but come back here ;) (lol just being honest)


Live Readings 

I offer live readings at very affordable prices.  I have clients all over the world from England, Japan, Australia, Greece, China, Iceland and those are just off the top of my head :).  I love connecting with people in this way because it is more personal and because I honestly believe live readings give you the most value for your money. 

A live reading allows you to ask different questions on different subjects.  If you need clarity you can ask right then and there.  It also allows me to help my clients who are facing uncertainty about what to ask or look at. 

I promise I am a shy as you are lol and I don't bite :).  Live readings are a great way to get to know me better as well and see if my style fits your needs.  Bonus: All my readings are done via Yahoo messenger which allows me to save a transcript for you for further review - it's like having both kinds of readings all in one because you can later go back and review your transcript! :)

My times/prices are $17.50 for 30 Minutes, $30 for 60 Minutes and my best value of $45 for 90 Minutes. Live readings are typically booked within 3 and no more than 7 days of your day of purchase. The only exception may be if we have extreme time zone differences as it may require more flexibility to work out - but it CAN be done :)

Get a Live Reading with Christin

Email Readings

3 Card Simple 
A simple reading featuring the past/present/near future influences around your question or area of concern.  This is my lowest cost option at only $5.75

Six Point Spread
My original spread - you'll only find it on my site :).  This six card diamond spread can have a specific question or focus or be used for an effective overall outlook.  It looks at the present situation, current challenges, past influences, near future possibilities, and best course of action. $7.50

Which Path
This is another original spread designed to look at two choices - for example should I stay with my current job or take a new position? Whenever you are at a crossroads and need to consider the complexities of 2 choices this is the spread for you.  $9.50

Career Spread 
My original career spread designed to look at a current or potential career path.  Look into your strengths both known and hidden, your challenges, potential obstacles, how to reach your fullest potential, near future influences and more with this 9 card spread.  $12.00 

Relationship Spread 
My original spread that is designed to look at ANY relationship and its dynamics - whether you're looking at a business partner or a boyfriend, this spread is versatile and complex enough to give you great insight into how the other person sees you, how compatible you are, how well you relate to one another, strengths you both bring and challenges to overcome and if your relationship has potential.

Know Thyself 
This is an intense spiritual guidance / personal empowerment spread I created to help my clients "dig deep" and understand more purpose and a deeper sense of meaning to their lives.  This spread features current life lessons, areas for growth, strengths and weaknesses, fears, hidden truths, hidden dreams, potential, and action plans.  Use this spread when you are truly ready to look at yourself with honesty and embrace growth and change.

Calendar Spread 
Get a great look at the influences surrounding you for the year ahead with a traditional calendar reading.  It starts with a significator for the year which highlights overall energy and important elements.  A card is then drawn for each month for the next 12 months.  Great at years end or for a birthday present for a loved one.

Traditional Celtic Cross 
This is the old classic - the ten card Celtic Cross that can be focused on one specific area or concern, or used for an overall outlook.  It features past, present, and near future influences, how others view you and your situation, what is working for or against you, a best course of action and an overview.

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